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Downtown Works is located in Downtown San Diego, CA. It is a co-working community built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. What makes co-working environments so compelling is that workers get to create connections with different workers and companies by collaborating, learning and creating a sense of community with each other.

Co-working spaces are open to all kinds of workers and companies. They can be ideal for freelancers who tend to work from home and would like to be in more of a office or community environment. It could be great for companies who need a temporary space while in transition to having a new office space as well. 


Misean, Inc. wanted to be part of this co-working movement and provided high quality electrical services to help Downtwon Works, San Diego be more energy efficient. Some electrical services that Misean, Inc. provided were replacing existing old lighting and controls with energy efficient LED decorative lighting fixtures and automatic daylight harvesting and shut-off controls. 

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