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The Chapultepec Hall, nicknamed "Chappy" at San Diego State University (SDSU) is located in San Diego, CA. The hall is a new traditional residence hall complex at SDSU that is available to first year students. Residence halls help freshmen transition into college by allowing them to become active members in their campus community. It assists them to do well academically as well by having open space available for students to live with or around other students with similar majors or classes in which creates a supportive academic network.

SDSU is a public research University founded in 1987 and is the largest and oldest higher education institution in San Diego. This college offers on-campus housing to freshmen, sophomore, transfer and upper division students. The Chapultepec Hall  at SDSU was built intended for first year students and can be populated to approximately 850 residents. It consists of 11 floors with double and triple occupancy rooms and communal bathrooms. The rooms are single-gender but each floor is co-ed. The contract length of the Chapultepec Hall is 9 months and open during the school year.

Misean Inc. having SDSU alums were motivated to give back to the University by taking part in the electrical renovation design of the Chapultepec Hall. Lighting features that Misean Inc. took part in are replacing existing old fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED decorative lighting fixtures.

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