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The Sky Free Shop is located in the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) at the Otay Border Crossing. It is a 4,500 square foot retail store selling high end duty free products to travelers from the U.S and Mexico.

The CBX is an international border crossing where all standard international requirements apply. The Sky Free Shop is therefore only accessible to ticketed Tijuana Airport passengers who have boarding passes for flights departing within 24 hours or having arrived within 2 hours. It is required to go through U.S customs and Border Protection if traveling north and Mexican Customs and Border Protection if traveling south. The Sky Free Shop at the CBX is exempt from the payment of taxes and duties, making shopping more affordable. This gives travelers the opportunity to shop and save while traveling between the U.S and Mexico.

Misean Inc. being locally founded and based in San Diego, which is Mexico's next door neighbor, provided their electrical services to the completion of The Sky Free Shop. Misean Inc. was partnered with Jaime Partners, a building and construction management provider, in completing the Sky Free Shop project in only 6 weeks after design plans getting approved 5 days prior. 

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