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The San Diego Health and Human Services provides a wide range of health and social services to promote "wellness, self-sufficiency, and a better quality of life for individuals and families" in the San Diego county. There are several facilities in San Diego, divided into six regions making it more accesible to the public. Each facility offers services that are family focused, cost-effective and community-based.

San Diego county residents are able to receive assistance from the health and human services agencies in various settings. For instance, customers can be served by a hospital, agency, community-based organization and more. Health and human services care about meeting each individuals needs by creating a partnership with mental health workers, social workers, public health nurses, and welfare workers. These partnerships allow San Diego county residents to receive the particular assistance that they need.

Misean, inc. worked on one of the many locations of the San Diego Health and Human Services. Misean, inc. is big on community and giving back. They do their best to do that by providing some of their electrical services. A few services provided by Misean, inc were quality power and lighting designs.

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