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Craft and Commerce located in San Diego, CA is a cocktail bar resturant that offers a cuisine of american (traditional) food choices, brunch and burgers. This restaurant can be found in one of San Diego's popular attractions of little Italy. It's great for grabbing a bite to eat or to enjoy drinks at their bar.

The Craft and Commerce opened in 2010 by CH projects (Ironside Fish and Oyster neighborhood). They recently went through a remodel and expanded to a 3,300 square foot space that includes a dining area, more seating, a wrap-around outdoor patio with built-in fire pit tables, a second bar, and a hunting/library design vibe.

Craft and Commerce revamped their look with the help of Misean Inc. Misean Inc. provided their unique and high quality electrical designs to the completion of the remodeling of craft and commerce. 

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