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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside (BGCO) is located in Oceanside, CA. It is a youth development organization affiliated with Boys & Girls Clubs of America. They have served Oceanside's youth for over 60 years, providing a safe, fun and cultivating environment for the youth. This organization's main goal is to help keep Oceanside's kids out of trouble and off the streets. They do this by creating an engaging environment with various academics and activities. 

All youth are welcome to attend The Boys & Girls Clubs. Youth are able to attend this organization every day during non-school hours, which tends to be during the time youths need it the most. Statistics show that youth crime escalates during non-school hours around 3pm-7pm. It is The Boys & Girls Club's mission to "inspire, develop and enrich young people to reach their fullest potential as confident, productive, responsible, caring members of society".

One of Misean Inc.'s missions are to give back to there community. They wanted to take part in helping the local youth community by being involved in the renovation of The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside. Misean Inc. provided a few electrical services in it's renovation such as upgraded the power distribution and replaced the existing lighting and controls with energy efficient architectural decorative lighting.

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