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Azusa Pacific University's (APU) San Diego Regional campus is one of the 7 off-site regional centers in southern California. Azusa Pacific University is a private evangelical christian University that offers various programs for their students and provides personal support in reaching goals in careers from healthcare to educators. The San Diego Regional campus has been a part of the San Diego community for 34 years now, giving the San Diego prospective students the opportunity to learn, thrive and grow.

APU was first founded in 1899 with classes beginning in 1990 in Whittier, Califronia. This University is now located in the San Gabriel Valley. They maintain several regional sites from Los Angeles to San Diego, California. APU offers more than 100 associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral programs either on-site, online or at one of the off-site regional campuses. Some programs offered are Education, Nursing, Psychology and Theology.

Misean, inc. values education and wanted to support local universities in the San Diego community. They did this by providing power and lighting services to Azusa Pacific University in San Diego. 

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