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Dumpling Inn Shanghai Saloon is a Chinese restaurant located in San Diego, CA. The Dumpling Inn has been a local favorite but recently expanded by extending the restaurant up to 9,000 sq feet total. Now, the dumpling Inn shares this space with Shanghai Saloon (still under the same owner as Dumpling Inn but has it's own menu).

Shanghai Saloon is a lounge and bar with a menu featuring a variety of Asian-inspired dishes such as spicy or peppered fried wings, pork belly steamed bun sliders and Chinese sausage sticky rice. Even though the Dumpling Inn was a popular eatery, the long waits for a table were a downside. The expansion of the Dumpling Inn to Shanghai Saloon makes up for those long waits and also provides more variety of food. 

Misean, inc. had the opportunity to be a part of Dumpling Inn's expansion into Shanghai Saloon. Engineering services provided by Misean, inc. were power and lighting design.

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