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How to Help Save the Planet and Money at the Same Time!

Conserving energy is vital in helping save our planet. When someone uses too much energy such as leaving the lights on too long it can cause an impact on our environment. There are different methods in which we receive energy such as power plants, wind or solar power. The use of wind through wind turbines and the use of the sun through solar powers are energy-efficient and great for the environment. Although much of the energy we use is still from power plants that burn fossil fuels such as oil, coal or gas. Fossil Fuels are not renewable sources of energy and release toxins and global warming emissions when they are burned which can cause damage to our planet.

As consumers of energy we can do our part by saving energy in various ways such as turning off appliances when not using them or hand-drying our clothes instead of putting them in our dryer or even washing dishes by hand. Adjusting our day-to-day habits when it comes to energy not only helps protect our environment but also saves us money on bills such as electricity. The less energy we use the more money we save! It won't always be simple or easy though to adjust our every day use of energy. For instance, on a busy day sometimes we won't have time to do the dishes by hand and would need to use the dish washer. That is why it is important to use energy-efficient products as well.

Misean, inc. values the importance of conserving energy. As an Electrical Engineering Firm our main goal is to help our community and clients by providing our services in design, lighting, power distribution and more. We strive to do this in a way where it saves our clients money and most importantly energy. Misean, inc. has been involved with numerous projects where we have helped businesses and owners save money and energy by updating their buildings with energy efficient LED lighting fixtures and automatic daylighting/occupancy controls.

LED lighting fixtures use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional lighting fixtures and can last 3-25 times longer. Older buildings did not have the technology we have now to conserve the energy we use in lighting. By updating existing buildings we are able to do our part in saving energy and helping businesses save money in the long run. Misean, inc. also specializes in photovoltaic (PV) design which converts sunlight into electricity and is another great energy efficient product to use to conserve energy. Contact Misean, inc. if you are a business that wants to replace your existing old lighting with energy efficient architectural lighting or if you are a business with a new building that needs some energy efficient lighting and controls. By using Misean, inc.'s services you will be able to help save the planet and money at the same time!

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