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Renovation Progress of Turning La Jolla Inn Into a New Boutique Hotel

La Jolla Inn under construction

La Jolla Inn, which opened in the 1940s, has occupied the corner of Prospect and Girard street for a long time now. This historical hotel has been undergoing a complete top to bottom renovation and even change of name to Cormorant Boutique Hotel. It is expected to be completed spring 2019.

The hotel is renovating into a more modern, upscale and low-key luxury hotel compared to the previous La Jolla Inn. It will be featuring keyless entry, smart thermostat, high speed wifi and will also feature a rooftop self-serving bar with lounge seating and firepit.

Expected look for Cormorant Boutique Hotel (previously La Jolla Inn)

Misean, inc. provided lighting and power distribution designs for this La Jolla boutique hotel. They replaced all lighting with decorative type LED lighting fixtures and incorporated the automatic daylighting and vacancy controls. In addition, electrical power distribution were upgraded with new to meet the current code.

More photos of Misean's designs will be posted once project is completed.

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